5 Steps to Starting on Social Media

5 Steps to Starting on Social Media

What is social media & why should you be on it?

You know you need to be on social media, but you don’t know how to start or what is expected of small businesses online. It’s really, actually quite simple, and doesn’t need to take hours. It can be just half an hour on a sunday evening if you’re organised about it!

Nowadays, everyone is on social media. With 90% of people in the UK having a social media presence and over 32 million Facebook accounts in the UK alone, you need to be tapping into this.

1. Decide which social media you should be on.

Where are your current customers? Are they on Facebook or LinkedIn? Twitter maybe, or Snapchat?

Most importantly, look at where your current customers are, not where you want to post. Use Google Analytics to find out where people are currently coming from. If Social media isn’t a high achiever in your analytics, don’t get disheartened, it probably just means it hasn’t been done properly yet, which is easily fixed.

As a very high level comparison, Facebook is fairly generic, but you can reach out to people individually. Linkedin is for B2B customers mostly. Snapchat is dominated by 16-30’s. Know where your customer is, or a chunk of them are, and start there.

2. Set up a business page and ensure all information is correct.

Make sure you have your contact details on there – all of them. Ensure that its as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch with you.

3. Upload an image for your profile picture and cover photo.

Keep these two images different. Have your business logo as your profile pic, to create some brand awareness and something relevant to your industry as your cover photo. Keep it interesting and change it fairly often, so that it doesn’t go ‘stale’. Once a month/6 weeks is fine.

4. Invite all your friends and ask them to share your page.

Realistically, the first time you share your page, you will only reach your circle of friends, even if you select ‘public’. Therefore, you will need to talk to your friends, ask them to share your page, to further your reach organically (for free). Do not rely on them to constantly share though, you’ll need to drive the traffic yourself.

You could look at Facebook Ads later on, once you’ve got the basics right.

5. Keep it updated & keep posting regularly.

People, as a rule, are more likely to remember someone or something that has had an impact on them, something that has caught their attention. You’ll only do this by posting regularly. Keep your page popping up on people’s timelines, with items relevant to your industry – before & after photos, or customer testimonials, for example. Don’t overdo it though, once a week or once a fortnight is plenty, otherwise potential customers might get bored of seeing you on social!

Keep it simple – It doesn’t need to take hours each week, just a regular update to keep people engaged with your brand

Furthermore – If you’re organised, there are tools, such as Hootsuite, that allow you to schedule your posts. This allows you to write them all in an hour or so one evening and schedule them to automatically publish at your chosen time over the following month! Winner!