Images: ALT Text

Alt text is the words behind an image. Search engines cannot read images, so you need to tell them what the image is of.

For example, imagine you’re a first aid provider of paediatric courses, such as Worsley Training. On your website, you’ll have an image of a child being given first aid I expect. You need tell the search engines that this is an image of a child being given first aid, using your keywords (from the previous section). If it is called “img0001.jpg”, how do the search engines know what the image is of?

Did you know?

Images are searchable too…

How do you add Alt Text?

When you upload an image, there will be a box for alt text (it might also be called ‘image description’ or similar). Simply type your text in this box. It is good practice to do this on all images.

How to add alt text


Remember, that if any of your visitors use a ‘reader’ which reads out a webpage, the reader will normally read out the alt text too, if its there. This is a good element to have as it helps those with visual impairment or reading difficulties etc.

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