Words: Content Length

Why does content length matter?

Remember that at all times, search engines are trying to give a good user experience too.

Imagine you are searching for a holiday. You come across 2 pages, both selling a weekend in Madrid. One page has a image of the hotel and one short paragraph on the place. The other page has 10 photos, of rooms, hotel and amenities. It also has a description of the hotel, of the local area, facilities, contact numbers etc… Which are you more likely to buy?

It seems obvious, but search engines do simply filter out pages that have little or ‘thin’ content because they are seen to be lacking in quality, and therefore trust.


A standard page should have 300-400 words minimum.

Having said that, content should be unique, relevant and up-to-date:

Don’t just copy and paste from somewhere

Do update it regularly

Don’t waffle (if you’re not sure, read it out loud to someone – which sounds silly but it highlights waffle!)

Do use your keywords and phrases

Don’t overuse your keywords and phrases!