Words: Keywords

Keywords are the exact words that you need to use on each page, in content and headings and on images that tells the search engines what that page is about. They should be relevant to the page and to the audience you are targeting. Don’t try and be everything to everyone, or you’ll achieve nobody.

Imagine you run a community of businesswomen, in and around Wiltshire, UK.

Who is your customer? Who are you targeting?

Businesswomen in Wiltshire.

With this in mind, our keywords, for the homepage might be:






We also need to choose a ‘keyphrase’ to focus on for this page. You can have more than one, but the more you have, the more work it takes to ensure you’re doing it right.

Some sensible keyphrases would be:

“Business Women In” (this also happens to be the website’s name)

“Business Community”

“Wiltshire Women in Business”

You need to use this exact phrase, 3 or 4 times across your whole page, based on a content length of 300-400 words. See the actual page for how we’ve done this. Pick a phrase that suits your page. In our example, we wouldn’t use something like “Business Events in Wiltshire” as it doesn’t suit this page. We’d possibly use that phrase on our Events page.

The phrase should be used in copy, in headers, on images, in page descriptions, in the URL where possible). It all links together so that search engines can trust that your entire page is about that keyphrase.