So you’ve looked through our services and who we are and you’re still unsure why you need us.

Check out these FAQ’s below  – they might help!

How can digital marketing help my business?

In short, marketing your business correctly allows you to make more money.

A good marketing agency, like us, will look at all your communications, from the customer’s point of view. After all, that’s who you’re trying to reach.

It allows you to find and speak to new customers, and to get your name out there!

Why should I be online?

See yourself as a customer. Where do you find your next holiday or compare the price of curtains?

With all the forums and review sites, its no longer the ‘ask your mates down the pub’, it is now so much bigger than that!

What does all this stuff really mean?

If this all sounds like a foreign language, please just drop us a line and we’ll pop over and explain it and how it can help you and your organisation.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track metric data of who is visiting your website. 

Simply add the UA Code to your website and it wll start tracking users immediately!

I don't have time for social media

There are tools out there that can minimise the time needed to publish. 

The 2 main tools we use are Hootsuite and Amplifr. These tools allow you to schedule your posts in advance, freeing you up to do your day job.