Marketing for Start Up Businesses

Marketing for Start Up Businesses

Marketing for Start Up Businesses

What is marketing?

If you are just starting your business, the world of marketing might seem very foreign to you. I’m going to help you see how simple it can be.

The key is trust. If you build up trust with a customer, they will be good to you. How do you build ‘trust’? Building relationships with your prospective customers will build the trust, as long as you always give great customer service.

Let your business plan do the work!

So, you have a business. You should have a business plan.

This plan lays out your potential customer base. It should specify your target market, whether its ‘small businesses’ as in our case, or it might be single women between 18-25 if you’re starting a dating agency for example. It can be as specific as needed for you to be able to have a viable plan.

Where should you market?

Where does your business plan say that your customers are? Are they online or offline?

We focus on digital, but there are some great terrestrial (offline) marketing blogs if you search in Google.

Are your target market shopping online? Are they on social media or not? Are they reading blogs or review sites? Do your research. It’ll make life so much easier for you if you do!

You need to go where your market is, and that is not necessarily where you are comfortable online.

What should you invest in?

I wouldn’t invest too much money to begin with. Set yourself up a website and invest in your own domain name. It’s all about trust signals

For example: looks so much more professional than

And this is nothing against GoDaddy, its just the way it is. Our site is held on GoDaddy still, just with a paid for domain name.

Most of the other stuff: social media, email marketing, content writing, blogging etc can all be done for free if you go to the right places.

While you’re starting out, I suggest investing time in getting yourself set up online, with all the profiles you need, with the (digital) tools for the job. This will stand you in good stead one you start paying for traffic, whether that’s through facebook ads or affiliate marketing.

Once you get ready enough to advertise, try it in small sections first, to check it works before you spend loads of money on something that doesn’t work. This includes the use of agencies. Get them to do some small work for you before you commit to high price contracts.


Know where your customer is and talk to them. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

Get yourself a domain name and a decent, customer friendly website, and then start putting your name out there, for free. Don’t invest straight away.

If you want any help setting up a website, or managing all these free tools, just drop me an email and i can point you in the right direction, for free… 🙂