What is Marketing

What is Marketing

What is marketing? Put very simply, marketing is the process a company goes through to ensure that their potential customers know who they are, what they sell and how to find them.

The Oxford English Dictionary define “marketing” as:

“The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

Marketing has been around for centuries, in various forms. From the modern day email campaigns and google ads, right back to the branding of the first royal mail ‘coach’ in 1784 (which was painted in brand colours of black and scarlet) and beyond.

Marketing exists where there is a product or service to be had. It can be formal, like posters and targeted emails or informal like word of mouth and organic social media.

Types of Marketing

As customers ourselves, there are literally thousands of ways we can see marketing every day. It might be the sign written van parked outside our neighbour’s house, or the branded t-shirt your mate is wearing. It could be the advert on the latest episode of X-Factor, or a notification on your phone to say that you’re near a Starbucks.

Whatever it is, however you interpret it, THAT is marketing.

Why do you need it?

What makes you buy Coca Cola over a supermarket own brand cola?
Why do you wear Adidas and Nike, rather than unknown brands?
Why do you watch Sky rather than freeview?

These are just some examples.

Why do you choose one brand over another? Why choose one company over another?

Because of marketing. That’s why.

How do I do Marketing?

Marketing ensures that your product (or service) is pitched to the right people, at the right time, at the right price. Get that right, and your company will soar!

If only it was that easy.

There are millions of companies, all trying to get a slice of the action, with every possible consumer. You can find loads of theory and practical advice on how to do this, but it all comes down to the precise point when a potential customer makes their personal decision to purchase. There is no way to capture this moment, as there’s no logical way to determine when, or if, that decision will happen.

But if it does… you need to be there. In that moment.

Marketing nowadays is all about getting a customer to trust in you. That’s how and why your customers will choose you over your competitor. Showing that you know what you’re talking about will encourage your customers to trustyou.

You can do this by producing content on your website, or on a blog, or by capturing customer reviews. You can then use this on your social media to maximise your reach.


Think about every time your potential customer might see your brand and make it count. Show that you know what you’re talking about. Give them a reason not to look any further, a reason to choose you.

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